Brutal Records gets your music to your fans. Whether this means getting your vinyl on the shelves of independent record stores, supplying chain stores with your CD, or making a new song available on Spotify and iTunes, our product managers know which steps to take.

Our physical distribution network is based in Europe and North America, with possibilities for worldwide distribution through one of our many international partners. All digital releases are distributed worldwide.

The most suitable PR partner will be selected from our network of national and international agencies.


​ BRUTAL RECORDS is proud to 
 announnce its newest Releases

August 31th, 2018

August 17th, 2018

August 10th, 2018

April 6th, 2018

April 13th 2018

April 6th 2018

April 6th 2018
Brutal Records

Megaforce - MRI

Partnership includes global digital distribution through The Orchard and select physical distribution via RED, Sony Music. 

USA metal record label Brutal Records has entered into a wide ranging distribution partnership with The Orchard, RED Distribution and Sony Music Entertainment covering global digital distribution as well as select physical distribution in a number of key territories around the US and Canada.

Under the agreement "The Orchard" will provide global digital distribution to Brutal Records.
In addition, RED Distribution and Sony Music Entertainment will now handle physical distribution for Brutal Records in North America, respectively.

The enhanced collaboration kicks off in 2018 with a release slate that includes reissue records from Incubus [Brazil], Opprobrium, Decibel Demon, and more. 

First releases for Brutal Records will start on August 10th with a new debut album from all females death metal group SINAYA from Brazil and from Venezuela death metal DEMISE also on August 17th the label will re-issue some of the Risky Music titles, who Brutal Records secured a distribution.

Brutal Records President Michael Howard states, “I’m very excited to announce the partnership with MRI. When I was looking at options, I contacted my old friend Alan Becker SVP RED and he suggested that we team up with Missi Callazzo from Megaforce and RED.  There is nothing more metal then Megaforce, who are responsible for signing and introducing some legendary metal bands to the world.  RED speaks for itself with their dedication to the metal genre. I feel this is the perfect combination and home for the label”.

"The deal with RED and Sony Music marks a step forward in the strategic assets for the Brutal Records label in the years to come, which is now fully under the Sony Music umbrella in North America. I wish to take the opportunity and thank Megaforce, MRI, RED, Sony Music and The Orchard for their belief, passion and good will toward the label."

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